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January 06, 2004

Gardening, the Reverand Horton Heat and a baby!

So Memorial Day weekend saw us tearing up our yard.

That's right. Defacing and despoiling perfectly good sod that a little over a year before we had paid good money for. Sod that was green and lush and perfect. Sod that had risen to the sun of May and produced an emerald field that my wife was determined to gut for another flower bed.


So in the midst of ripping the sod out and planting whatever it is we were planting I realized it was Sunday and I was allowed to once again bring up the "Special Project." (Which we were only talking about once a week per the rules dictated by Fabulous Babe.)

"So what do you think?"

"I think about daycare. I think about my work. I think about both of us working."

"So if we get all of that sorted out?"

*long pause*

"I think I want to have a baby." (Lots of tears started flowing right about then.)

I gently tackled her and smooched her in the midst of my now dying sod.

Later we went to Grand Avenue days and saw the Reverand Horton Heat while I got to drink a load of free beer. (Courtesy of the contractor / husband of the woman that works for Summit Brewing.) Fabulous Babe even wore my Reverand Horton Heat t-shirt that's about 10 years old now.

How cool is that? I find out I finally get to have a chance at being a dad and hear my favorite amazing Texas guitar music on the same day.

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