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May 03, 2008

"Jack Scared 1, Dad's Movie Picks 0."

I am an idiot.

Jack had seen two movies before today. Both were kids movies and both were well received. He was well behaved and sat reasonably still through both. He didn't spill his drink or popcorn and was as good as could be.

For the last couple of months Jack's interest in Iron Man has been building as the press machine has been grinding it's gears. He thought the trailer was cool. I got him some of the little Marvel characters to play with including Iron Man. All in all he seemed on board to see the movie.

Big mistake.

The big difference is sound. Lots of it. The noise level had Jack pretty spooked. I'm betting he doesn't sleep well tonight. If he doesn't it's all my fault.

All child enducing terror aside the movie was fantastic and big credits go to Robert Downey Jr. for taking on the role. Hopefully when the DVD comes out I can catch the final scene that I had to miss.

Posted by Jim at May 3, 2008 04:32 PM


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