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May 03, 2008

"Don't be surprised by packages arriving in the mail."

One of the things I've decided to do with my 40th is to pass some things along.

I've spent the last couple of months moving things around and going through them. (Which despite my efforts seems to have hardly made a dent.) In the process I've uncovered some items here and there that actually mean something to me but that I think I want some other people to have.

A few are books. I weeded out a gigantic haul of books to the local library and my half price bookstore a while ago but there are some choice volumes that I need to find some homes for. A couple are valuable but most aren't. A few I'm boxing for Jack for when he gets older but I'm trying to cull the herd to a far more manageable size.

Odd knicknacks make up a significant chunk. They're things that meant something to me but if I were to keel over tomorrow would doubtless be thrown in a dustbin. I always marvel at little things at estate sales that have no value but were obviously kept for years by someone who had a memory attached to them. Before mine get pawed over by bargain hunters someday I want to actually have a hand in their placement to better homes.

My movie collection is pointlessly large. Most of what I own is shown with depressing regularity on cable TV. Numerous viewings have only strengthened the arguement that most anything shot in color isn't worth the time you would invest in it. I'm making up a list of movies and matching it with some people so if a small parcel of movies shows up you'll have to guess the theme because I'm not telling.

My CD collection, vast and epic, is boxed up and sulks in the corner like a dozy fat relative that demands attention but whom you know is nothing but far more work than will ever pay off. I'm going to rip it all once more onto a hard drive and then ship most of it off a la the movies. You may, if you receive any, feel free to use them as coasters.

There's more but you get the drift. Be on the lookout.

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