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October 21, 2006

"Carrying on a rich family tradition of Old West action since the early 1940's."

Part of my motivation for the Cowboy outfit is this picture:

Dad cowboy.jpg

That's my dad when he was just a little older than Jack. This picture is one half of a pair that he had framed for my stepmom a long time ago. (The other picture is one of my stepmom at about the same age in a ballerina costume.) I love the hat in this picture and the boots with shorts is a look that we can only hope he never tries again.

My dad is the youngest of four boys. (Only two of whom went to the Wee Wisdom pre-school, a point of mild contention to this day.) All of them played cowboys and indians growing up. I know this because of this:


These are my uncles, Randy and Chris, hanging out on the back porch, dressed up for the warpath. I am fairly certain that Randy is pleading the 5th or complaining about something to the photographer while Chris simply has a look of either a.) acceptance that they've been caught or b.) he thinks Randy is full of hot air. Either way it's fun to see the flip side of the cowboy costumes.

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