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August 25, 2006

"The 70's were a dark time, a time of turtlenecks. So many turtlenecks."

Half the fun of bad hair is sharing it:


I'm guessing I was around 4 when they took this. Judging by the teeth and some of the baby fat I'm guessing closer to 5.

My hair is so straight that even these pictures don't do it justice. *shudders*


I remember that shirt. Itched like a son of a gun. I had an atrocious pair of corduroy pants that went with it. (Tan.) The whole outfit was geared to make you as uncomfortable as possible.

That's my first grade picture. I had Mrs. Johnson until she mysteriously disappeared during the year. (She had a baby. Can't let kids contemplate that in 1st grade for one moment in 1974 could we?) 2nd grade saw Mrs. Holbrook but that's another story.

Oh how I hope Jack doesn't get my hair. He deserves so much better.

Posted by Jim at August 25, 2006 10:37 AM


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