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May 31, 2006

"Why Target is better than Wal-Mart."

Even the clerks who load the shelves at Target have a better sense of humor. Case in point: two of the flat carts used at my local Target. All of the carts have names but these two always strike me as funny:


"Leap of Faith"

Sort of like when you go to get a shopping cart and you pray you get the one where all 4 wheels go the same direction at once.


"The Naughty Wombat"

I'm not sure I ever want to know how a Wombat can be naughty but there is no disputing the lyrical wit of the unknown employee who penned that.

There are others but these were the two that I got pictures of. (Which led to a manager asking me what I was doing.) I'm just glad to see that Target actually values entertainment value when hiring. *chuckle*

Posted by Jim at May 31, 2006 10:10 AM


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