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February 13, 2006

"Frogs in the gubbins."


Don't panic. It's down for a bit but not out.

I've spent some time this afternoon looking at old entries on the site. Part of me has been reading it for nostalgic reasons and another part of me has been giving it a critical eye. Finally, after rolling up my sleeves, I decided to break down and begin the site tear down and build up that I've been putting off for too long.

For now the archives are closed. That's not a permanant thing but it will give me a chance to go back and edit and fix mistakes, poor grammar and mixed tense. I may or may not delete some of the pictures but my goal is to move the content forward a notch.

The long threatened Podcasting is closer than you may think. Sitting not 12 inches in front of me is the microphone that I bought specifically for the purpose. The problem? The microphone is so sensitive it picks up the annoying whine of the PC fans. Once I fix the fans the podcasting experiments will begin shortly there after.

(I'm also afraid that when my brother in law spots it on their next visit he may try to run off with it.)

Comments are changing with the overhaul. I've got privacy concerns and am moving to protect anyone visiting here. The amount of crap email and trackbacks I receive has increased and hopefully the steps I take will prevent it from being a problem for you as well.

In an effort to cover growing server costs I'm going to use Amazon branded links a bit more. While traffic is steady and not particularly expensive you only have to get 432 hits in one week on a single entry to realize that the larger a website grows, so too will search engines linking to your content.

I am debating moving "my" entries to a second blog. That would keep this website focused solely on Jack and my more, ahem, varied interests, somewhere else. I currently have two domains parked in addition to this one so there's plenty of room to grow. I'll take any and all suggestions on that front via email. (See address at left.)

This website was devoted to Jack's arrival and now chronicles his journey through childhood. Despite concerns and council advocating differently, I've freely invited a world of strangers, all of you reading this, along for the ride. I've never regretted that decision.



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