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February 10, 2006

"Care to guess what I was humming in the shower today?"

With videogames becoming more and more "lifelike" in their detail level it's hard to believe how far we've come in the 15 years since "Terminator 2" introduced computer graphics into modern media. My Xbox 360 makes my Atari 2600 that I got for my 12th birthday seem like an Etch a Sketch.

Of course with new tools will come new art. Taking computer games, manipulating the characters within into doing things and video capturing it has become a new form of making movies. It's called Machinima by name and there's a very good website devoted to it that you can have a look at here: www.machinima.com

Perhaps the most successful enterprise to date, as far as money or fame goes is "Red Vs. Blue" which took the multiplayer aspect of Microsoft's Halo on the original Xbox and used it to make downloadable movies. www.redvsblue.com was, at one point, rivaled by only a few of the larger search engines for sheer bandwith and download demand. The original series of movies, Season 1, still remain some of the funniest in the genre.

Yesterday my good buddy Archaeon passed me a link to a movie made with World of Warcraft in game footage that had been dubbed with a song from the Broadway musical "Avenue Q" that won a Tony last year. (It's best summed up as a slightly twisted look at Sesame Street.) The song, funny enough on it's own, is made all the funnier by the footage that the folks in the Ardent Dawn guild have laid on to it. If you don't like video games just turn the monitor off and listen. Either way you can't lose.

Be warned. It's a bit crass but you'll hurt yourself laughing.

That being said here you go: "The Internet is for Porn"

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