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January 09, 2006

"Snow day..."

One day last week when it finally got a couple of degrees above freezing we took Jack outside for some sledding action...


This is Jack on his sled. Like all things toddler scaled it's got a molded seat and the all important seat belt. I took this shortly after his first run down the hill to the side of our house.


Here's Fabulous Babe lugging Jack back up after the disaster that was the 2nd run. Jack leaned to the side and ended up tilting the sled over and doing a face plant. I was accused of being a terrible driver and had to relinquish control.


Jack being towed up hill. Notice he's leaning back as far as possible to try and have another accident.


The previously mentioned lean in action. Disaster soon followed.


Here's Jack trying to make a snow angel with a few difficulties. The problem mostly lays with the fact that due to the cold the snow has frozen solid so all Jack really accomplished was that he lay there like a fish out of water. He's looking to mom for help because, like any good father, I was too busy laughing to offer any practical advice.

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