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January 08, 2006

"That's GREAT Mazinga to you chump."

When I was a kid all I wanted for Christmas one year was one of the Shogun Warriors that Mattel had imported from Japan. I struck out for Christmas but my Grandmother moved heaven and earth and got me one for my birthday the next year.

Which one was it? Why, the Great Mazinga of course. Here, take a look:


Who wouldn't want that badass in your toy closet? He looks like he's ready to kick butt and not bother taking names because it's beneath him.

Mazinga was the Samual L. Jackson of the Shogun Warriors. (The other two initial Shogun Warriors, Dragun and Raydeen didn't hold a candle to Mazinga.) Even better to a little kid was that Mazinga shot missiles, had two swords and came with a detachable spaceship brain. Take that loser kid down the street with an invisible friend only they could see.

I still have Mazinga. Everywhere I've moved Mazinga's gone with me. (I may have Mazinga buried with me.) Sometimes I wonder what Jack's Mazinga will be.

Posted by Jim at January 8, 2006 11:37 PM


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