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January 19, 2006

Jack's Library

I've always maintained that in raising children one of the most important responsiblities you have to undertake is making sure they're surrounded by good books.

To this end I'm always on the lookout for things that I think Jack should have. Granted he may decide that this "reading" thing is for the birds and may simply embrace pretty colors, odd shapes and signing an "x" for his name but my hope springs eternal.

I frequently rummage through piles of old books in an effort to find things that I think he'll want later on. In the last month or two this has turned up some exceptional additions to his shelves.

The first is a copy of "the" Wernher von Braun's "History of Rocketry and Space Travel" in great shape. (It's the ultra rare, super snazzy edition covered in tooled mission leather.) I snagged this for $5.00 and just about danced into the parking lot. The technical information and von Braun's attention to detail on both his work for Germany during World War 2 and for the U.S. afterwards is fascinating reading. This is literally a book that could bootstrap a countries efforts to get a rocket into space.

It also brings to mind the old joke that von Braun's autobiographys should have been titled "I aimed for the stars but sometimes I hit London." lol

Then came a load of Piratical adventures! I found a 1922 copy of "Treasure Island" with astonishing illustrations that just make you want to pick it up and start reading it. At the same time the shelf yielded a copy of "Blackbeards Buccaners" and a copy of "Mutineers!" which are both of a similar nature. (Young boys get caught up in an adventure on the high seas.) Perfect reading for under a tree on a warm summer day.

I've a few more but I want to scan a few things first.

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