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January 19, 2006

Favorite Pictures Vol. 2

As I'm still a bit under the weather here's more favorites from the "Photos" folder on the G: drive...


Shot during our trip through Western Washington state. All it needs is Julie Andrew's twirling about in a nun's outfit singing and ripping her top off. Oh wait, that last bit was from one of her husband's movies. (She married Blake Edwards and went on to do a topless scene in his movie "S.O.B." which disappointed my grandmother to no end.)


Occasionally you see something that reminds you that the places we live in used to be something completely different. This is a picture of a pylon that I found next to a parking lot one day in Seattle. What is its purpose? To mark the spot where Will Rogers played his last game of polo.

Here is a closeup of the plaque: Will Rogers plaque

It reads: "On this field Will Rogers took his last ride - Shrines erected around the world will commemorate his passing, but none could be more hallowed than this little patch of ground where the kindly, chuckling, hardriding cowboy played his last game of polo before he went roaring to his last round-up. We still hear his cheery haloo as with broad grin on weathered-lined face he urged his pony into the thick of play. To the spirty of a mighty adventurer Hail and Farewell."

I love Will Rogers and yet as time passes fewer and fewer people will know who he was or what he meant to so many Americans at the time he was famous. If you think Jon Stewart is funny realize that Will Rogers had him beat 9 ways from Sunday and inspired people to create things like this. It says a lot for the man.


I'm sure I posted this somewhere before but it appears not. This is Fabulous Babe from our trip to New York where I was on Perceset for my broken leg and she was on Perceset for meningitis. As stoned as she was at the time I still think this shot of her at Rockefeller Center is quite nice. The colors in the flowers and her hair make a nice contrast.

Time to embarass Goolia.

Everyone in my family loves Goolia. She and her sister both are like sisters to me so it's with great pleasure I share a couple of pictures that I found of her that I like:


From the wedding reception for her sister in NY. (See above picture of FB.) She looked great and, via some clever photo cropping, you're left with her coy smile and spared her ex-boyfriend.


From our wedding reception. A bit grainy due to the lower megapixel ratings of a few years ago but still a nice pose and proof that beauty will always triumph over poor photograph conditions.

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