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December 28, 2005

"Windpipe O-Rama"

About 4 months ago I hurt my throat. I was chewing some food and when I went *gulp* I heard a popping sound. The *pop* was then followed by an unbelieveable amount of pain around my adams apple and in a line up my neck. I went to the doctor and then to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who after giving me the once over decided that I had pulled a ligament or some such and told me not to use my voice for a couple of weeks and let it heal.

Last Tuesday? *pop* This time even more painful.


I called the doctors and they said to wait a day and then come in if it still hurt. Thursday saw me back at the doctors and on the table. Doctor September called the ENT specialist who said:

"Wow. Again? That's not good. I've never heard of it happening a second time."


They told me to take it easy, not to talk and to take loads of Vicodin before I go back to the specialist Thursday. (He's on vacation right now.) In the meantime just ignore the blazing hot agony in your throat.

The Vicodin at one tablet make me nausious and at two tablets, the recommended dose, nausious and loopy. Bleah. Who wants to be sick while you're already feeling bad?

Either way we'll know more on Thursday. My voice is froggy and the pain is intense. (I pray every morning that the good Lord delivers me from sneezing at any point during my waking hours.) Until then it's the Vicodin tango. Ick.

Posted by Jim at December 28, 2005 12:28 AM


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