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December 22, 2005

"He looks dorky!"

With school over for the semester the only thing on Fabulous Babe's schedule currently is work. After checking her calendar I discovered that Tuesday would be the best day to try and bring Jack for a visit. So...


Here's Santa Jack on his way to go see Mommy! Instead of a sleigh and reindeer he has to suffer with Dad and a Mazda Tribute. With his Santa suit he was plenty warm so a coat wasn't necessary.


After picking up a dozen roses for Mom we started to work our way through the building. It wasn't long before Jack began being mobbed by women wanting to have their Christmas wishes heard. This was a frequent problem.


Once we got to Mommy's office Jack walked in. Fabulous Babe's first words? "He looks dorky!" (Can someone please have a chat with her?) The roses seemed to help a bit so that when the time came she finally got past the suit and gave Jack a hug. Notice the look of scorn Jack has for the telephone interupting his quality Mommy time.


As part of Santa Jack's schedule we took Fabulous Babe to lunch. Being Santa Jack is some powerfully thirsty work and Jack was quick to start knocking back a cold one as soon as he could. The impressive straw work is coming along. Every once in a while he takes a swig and then spits it out but we think the Sippy Cups days are numbered.

If you're wondering where I got the suit: Target. I also made sure it's big enough we have a shot at a repeat next year.

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