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December 18, 2005

"Fabulous Babe's study buddy."

Meet Mrs. Partner in Crime:


That's a shot of her I took on Saturday night at our Christmas party. She's in Fabulous Babe's MBA class and on her "team" as well. During the semester these two were virtually joined at the hip. (Email, teleconferences, etc.)

How similar are they? At nearly 10:00 one night Fabulous Babe climbs into bed and cranks up her laptop to do some homework. She gets an email from Partner in Crime and, knowing she's online "live" at the moment, emails her to see if they can have a quick conference call about their project. Elated, Partner in Crime instantly replies and dials. They're scary, especially when they finish each others sentences.

Partner in Crime and her husband came to our party on their first "date night" in months. When I pointed out to Mr. Partner in Crime that the Carlson Executive MBA program only allows for *cough* "Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow" *cough* on specific holidays during the calendar year he suddenly remembered our CEMBA Widow and Widower briefing. (CEMBA students need all available "free time" for sleep during the time that classes are in session.) I consoled him with beer and reminded him that Memorial day really isn't that far away. I think he quit sobbing before they left.

They're so much like peas in a pod it will be hard to imagine what next year will be like when they're no longer team mates. (You have a different team each year in the program.) They're good together and the best part is watching/listening as the thrive together.

Another of Fabulous Babe's teammates made the party and all of the spouses agreed that my idea of t-shirts should go into production: "My spouse enrolled in the University of Minnesota's Carlson Executive MBA program and all I got was, um. All I got was, er. In all honesty I haven't seen them since they enrolled in the program."


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