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November 20, 2005

The Best Woman...

For my trip I took some advice and left Jack with Fabulous Babe's family in Chicago on the way down. The nice thing was that this gave me a chance to introduce Jack to the Best Woman.

I've known the Best Woman since 1989. We met at the ABA show in Washington D.C. and we've been great friends ever since. She's raced cars, fired machine guns and is one of the most well travelled people you may ever know.

I've not seen her in almost a year since I was last in Chicago for work and she's not had a chance to see Jack in person since he was born. That made it clear that this seemed like the perfect opportunity for introductions all around. After getting lost a bit on the city streets Jack and I arrived just a few minutes after she got home from work.


Since I'm a crap photographer here's half a good picture: The Best Woman is looking in the right direction but Jack is distracted by the ancient calculator next to him. (Notice his soaking wet shirt from where he cut 4 teeth last week.)


Now it's Jack's turn to look at the camera while my good friend seems to look at something over my shoulder. *sigh* I really need to develop some great Photoshop skills.

We didn't get to stay for very long. Jack ate and then we ordered Chinese takeout while Jack shook off the car ride by running around a and playing in the apartment. (This led to a game of grabbing things that were within Jack's reach and moving them higher as soon as he discovered them.) Sure enough as soon as the food arrived Jack began telling me that he was tired so we loaded up and packed off to Fabulous Babe's sisters house. While it was a painfully short visit it was still great to finally introduce Jack to one of my oldest friends.

By the way...

If you doubt the bit about racing cars...


All I can say is this is all the proof you need. That's the Best Woman in the fancy car *cough* Batmobile *cough* next to her brother. It's still one of my all time favorite "family photos" that I have ever seen. It's the gleam in the eyes that makes the photo. That and a lack of Bert Ward looking to the locals for a date. (His book is some pretty creepy reading.)

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