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August 30, 2005

"Unexpected but greatly appreciated."

On Saturday while Fabulous Babe was in class I took Jack with me to the Post Office and a few other places. He had been up late the night before so he slept in a little later than usual so breakfast was off schedule as well.

I took Jack to McDonalds for a break from our usual "awful waffles" at the house. (Cottage Grove, MN has one McDonalds and, weirdly enough, 3 Subways.) When we got there I had Jack, the diaper bag, his hat and a toy. I ordered our food and then, as they were pulling things together, wrangled a high chair to a table and got Jack squared away. As I turned to start walking back to get our food low and behold a McDonalds employee was walking up with everything. It seems the manager had spotted me and told the employee to bring our order over to us.

When we left we went to the counter and I thanked the manager for her thoughtfulness. She blushed and said it was nothing but to me it was everything. For every awful experience like the Carbone's there's always someplace like this McDonalds where someone actually gets it.

I called McDonalds customer service number Monday and put in a good word. It's not much but it was the very least I could do.

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