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August 30, 2005

"A little too much statistics there hon?"

Well we wrapped up the second weekend of Fabulous Babe's MBA program. I'm fairly certain that my wife has just about reached her saturation point on statistics after only two weeks. Her week long study session in September should be a load of fun. *chuckle*

This past weekend was more reflective of what is to come: Fabulous Babe gone all day Friday and most of Saturday to school. Her backpack weighs roughly 20+ lbs from everything she lugs to class and her desk is now buried in the binders and books she received the first day of the class.

It seems the nickname for the MBA program is “CEMBA” which is pronounced like the old elephant name “Simba”. The first few times she threw it around the house in casual conversation I thought we were being invaded by pachyderms. You can tell the “cool kids” use the phrase and that my poor wife, being a “n00b” has to start using it asap.

The first Friday of class the school held a dinner for all of the new students and their spouses, supporters, camp followers and bearers. While waiting to see Fabulous Babe I met Mrs. Carlson who mentioned she had spoken with Fabulous Babe a few times during the day. Afterwards I pointed out to someone that she was much nicer than when she owned the radio station in Cincinnati that her son Arthur ran. (Perhaps the turkey drop weighed too heavily on her mind.)

I remain certain that upon graduation Fabulous Babe will receive a special CEMBA class ring that, like all U of M class rings, keep 89.994% of all U of M graduates from moving out of state. (You get to the border and a large electrical shock is administered.) The tricky bit is that the CEMBA class ring will not only shock you but also display a table showing the odds of your receiving the shock based on a statistical model based on previous corrective punishment. My guess was that this was a Six Sigma Black Belt project. It certainly has all of the hallmarks.

Fabulous Babe loves the classes and the atmosphere and despite some of her protests I know she’ll thrive in the environment. Her office continues to support her in ways that make me realize how much the appreciate her and I think she knows that. Her MBA was a dream that was shoved aside about ten years ago so I’m glad to see all things coming together now.

How about Jack? Jack doesn’t miss mommy too much when she’s gone but when she comes home he’s so excited that he starts to shake he’s so happy. That’s one of those things that they don’t mention in all of the parenting books but when you see it makes you realize how cool having kids really is.

On a side note you should know the infamous WKRP Turkey drop was based on a real event that took place in Arkansas from the 1940's until the early 1980's. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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