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July 12, 2005

"One small step for Jack..."

It's official: Jack's walking.

Sunday night Jack took what might or might not have been a step. We weren't sure and it certainly didn't seem like anything to brag about. ("We think our child either took a definitive step or he twitched, we're not sure which.") In the crazy pace of Sunday it came and went without much thought.

Monday night after dinner we were both in the floor with Jack between us and lo and behold he started trying to take steps. Steps designed to move him forward, not just the hokey pokey. For about 20 minutes we worked with him to get him used to what he was trying to do and by the end were rewarded with about 3 good steps before the balancing act came undone.

Tonight after dinner we tried again. This time he was managing to close the gap between us, roughly 5 feet, with only the occasional fall. By end of a half hour he was tired but making great progress.

It's an experience like no other I've ever had. Jack's excitement at accomplishing walking between us is visible on his face and how he raises his hands in triumph. There's all the things we know as adults, the joy of accomplishment and a task done well, but there is also the joyous discovery of new ability. It's that joy that makes these moments so special. When Jack is so happy with making it across those 5 feet to stand before me that he reaches out and hugs me because he doesn't have any other words for it you can't help but smile.

I had a really long crappy day at work today. (My throat is killing me.) Its funny how all of these things fade away when you have moments like this.

Parenthood has rewards that you can try to explain but words truly fail to convey. This is one of those moments.



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