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July 13, 2005

"Like I'm ever going back there again."

We took Jack to the doctor for his 1 year checkup this afternoon. He's fit as a fiddle but had to get three shots and then have blood drawn for some tests.

Not a happy camper.

Loads of tears and a lot of confusion. The looks of dismay are the hardest. When I was putting him down for bed he drank his bottle and then, curled in my arm, just turned towards me and held me. I just kissed the top of his head and rocked him for a few minutes before he sighed and I put him in the bed.

Being a parent has some pretty amazing rewards but the hard moments are like being punched in the kidneys with a stiletto.

I took pictures today but we were all pretty beat tonight after the whole day and I'm ready to head to bed.

Jack's now walking about 8+ feet before falling over and has demonstrated a complete lack of fear. (In day 3 of walking he's already trying to turn as he goes.) I'll take pictures Thursday night.

I'll also take pictures of Jack with some very thoughtful presents he received from Sanad. They arrived safe and sound and Jack's got a new friend: Jamal.

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