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July 15, 2005

"In theory my average speed is around 12 miles per hour."

Of the two of us I have the uglier commute. Mine is a 26 mile free for all that can see me going along at 70 mph only to have it slow down to a 1 mph crawl. Usually the entire thing takes anywhere from 50 minutes to *worst case* something short of 90 minutes.

One of my salvations has been the iPod that Fabulous Babe got me for Christmas. I can load up all sorts of things that can keep me from a.) falling asleep or b.) bashing my head against the wheel.

Mercifully I'm not prone to road rage. I used to work with someone who had road rage and it just wasn't pretty. His old carpool buddy had moved and, living near me, he asked if I was interested in taking his place. I agreed to give it a try and it was a big mistake.

The driver, will call him "Lance", began fuming at the first stop sign we hit and before long was calling people things I had never imagined. By the time we got to work I was worn out. This went on for a couple of days until one morning when he was in full rant mode I chimed in and said:

"Drink his brain "Lance"! Drink his brain!"


"What did you say?"

"Well that's about the ONLY thing you haven't said "Lance". Give it a go! Tell him you're going to drink his brain."

*awkward silence*

Later that day "Lance" walked up to me at work and said that things just weren't working out carpool wise. I've never been happier. I promptly began commuting with Moose and we got along perfectly.

If there is one thing about the commute that bothers me it's the time away from Jack. Even if my commute time was halved that would give me an extra 5 hours a week with him. *sigh*

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