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July 08, 2005

"It's called what?"

Did you know that Johnson & Johnson makes a nasal equivalent of KY Jelly?

Neither did I. Unfortunately my gap in that area of knowledge has now been filled in.

Friday morning I went to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. (Tip of the hat to Doctor September for strong arming them into taking me on short notice.) A bit of poking and prodding just confirmed where it hurt so we went with the scope.

The scope is essentially a fiber optic camera with a light that goes in your nostril, through your nasal passage and then down your throat. This way your doctor can see what’s going on and you can feel like that person in the circus freak show that puts pencils into their nose.

I have a hematoma on my larynx. (No we don’t know how it happened, it just did.) Essentially I’m not supposed to talk and to rest my voice while the swelling goes down, the muscle knits and things repair themselves. If it’s not dramatically better by Monday I need to go back for another look. *shudder*

The doctor still has me on the Vicodin for the pain but has me on some steroids for the muscle repair. (No breasts yet but I’ll let you know if they start to come in.) The end effect is that the steroids cause me to be extremely jittery / nervous anxious and the Vicodin make me tired. Essentially I want to run a marathon while I’m laying down.


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