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July 08, 2005

"Dialup users should brace themselves. It's going to be a long weekend."

Despite the party being Saturday it just seemed cruel to not let Jack have some presents on his actual birthday.


This is Jack in his new Radio Flyer wagon courtesy of my Dad and Stepmom. As you can tell Jack’s not sure if he likes the bucket seats.


Then Jack discovered how easy it is to pick up girls in his new ride.


Lots of girls.


Who want him to go places with them.


Our son the ladies man.


Jack at one point was applauding and laughing when I was pulling him. He seems to like the sound of the wheels on the road. (He also likes it when Dad pulls him fast.)


Our little stinker.

Notice how clean the shirt is? That’s pre-dinner.


Jack’s helping sort the Racetrack’s Mail. (They’re away and we’re watching the house for them.)


Post dinner. (Thus the stains.) Fabulous Babe has just introduced the present from my mom, a green stuffed frog. As the frog does froggy jumps like Jack does this was a big success.


A boy and his frog. (With Fabulous Babe sporting a .NET t-shirt courtesy of El Jefe.)

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