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June 03, 2005

"You only get one life. Use it wisely."

A friend of ours discovered that their blood pressure is somewhere around 150 over 100. For those of you who don't know that means it's somewhere between throwing an engine rod and having your radiator burst. Itís not good.

Fortunately they caught it in time. The friend is younger than we are and odds are medicine and some rest will take care of everything with time. Itís still a bit of a shock.

Iím waiting for the first person we really know well to have a heart attack or worse. Our circle of friends includes no shortage of work-a-holics. A friend of mine out in Seattle was the closest so far: His health deteriorated so badly that his doctor forced him to take three months off away from work.

The next time youíre in a store and you see one of those free blood pressure testers have a seat. I donít want to lose any of you anytime soon.

Posted by Jim at June 3, 2005 12:14 AM


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