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June 03, 2005

"Perhaps I'll just do it over in pink and blaze orange."

We're approaching Jack's 1 year birthday and the roughly 1.5 year birthday of the website. With that come a few thoughts about the work in progress.

First is my worry that my instinct to journal is swamping what is supposed to be a blog about my son. Ideally "The Special Project" isn't about me. Reading older entries versus some newer ones I'm a bit worried that might be the impression.

Part of that comes from a conscious decision I made to increase my postings and give you more to read. The only feedback I've gotten so far since making that effort was someone who said "Why don't you post more pictures? I just skim past the other stuff." I'm not sure if that was an endorsement of my photography or a condemnation of my writing. *chuckle*

Second is the website's look which is truly beginning to bother me. My saying it's dull and listless is a bit like finally admitting that there is an elephant lurking in the corner of the room. I'm moving towards some changes that will hopefully be a step in a direction more satisfying to everyone. (It's not like I can make it much worse.) None of you have actively complained but I remain certain the more creative of you cringe upon visiting.

Third is links. I'm going to begin posting a series of links to things of interest. My hope is that this will garner some additional traffic and interest not alienate anyone who reads here regularly. I have a few people who've been so kind as to link to me and it really is time to return the favor.

I have no intention of letting things go or slowing down. (Certainly Jack isn't.) I guess I'm trying to say the website is going to enter into a state of purposeful evolution. Hopefully you'll be pleased with the results.

Please feel free to offer suggestions or direction.



Posted by Jim at June 3, 2005 12:57 AM

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