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June 30, 2005

"DWM. 38. Tall with Blonde/Brown hair. Good hair."

My friend the Astronomer and I had several chats over the last few days. They've ranged from talking about the website to Jack's growth and development, parenthood and romance.

That last bit is important. He's taken some big steps in moving on from the Self Centered She-Beast of Smyrna. He's had a couple of dates and, in a huge move of self confidence, he's put a profile on Match.com.

No, I'm not linking to it. Not yet. ;-)

He's rewritten it a couple of times and after reading it I had some suggestions for him. (He's asked for input. Otherwise I would keep my mouth shut.) It's not bad but with a little bit of work he'll be fending them off with a stick.

Interestingly Match.com has already spit out a few potentials for him. One in particular is almost exactly what I told him to look for which gave us both some chuckles.

He's still the best bachelor I know of in all of the greater Boston metro area. (If you're hung up on him having a Porsche you're going to have to settle for his slightly less zippy 4 door Saturn.) Athletic so couch potato types are advised to keep moving.

I told him I would be his reference with any of the prospects. He may end up regretting that.

If The Astronomer had background music it would be the "Rushmore" soundtrack.

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