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June 30, 2005

"Summer Break!"

Fabulous Babe took Jack for a little vacation over the weekend and headed down to the farm in Illinois for some R&R. (She has about 3 times as much vacation as I do at this point.) They left Friday and didn't get back until tonight.

On Saturday FB's sister, Mary Jane, brought Tall Princess and Number Two Billy Goat down to play with their cousin. The girls were both pretty stoked and Jack, after some initial shyness, got along with them pretty well.


Saturday afternoon saw much pool frolicking among cousins. Here the girls are starting their synchronized swimming routine while Jack looks for his cue to join in.


Here's Mr. Happy Pants with the Fabulous Babe's parents. You can tell they were suffering terribly having to put up with ANOTHER grandchild underfoot.

While on the farm Jack tried to shake off his morning nap which is unusual for him. Unfortunately this led to him waking up later and wanting to stay up later which will hopefully pass. We'll see. It might just have been his loathing of the Pack and Play he was sleeping in.

On a completely different subject:

Q.) What's the difference between Farm Cats and House Cats?

A.) Farm cats are free and a renewable resource.


Here's Jack playing with the latest crop of Farm Cats. The pounced and jumped on and over him and he loved it. He giggled and laughed and the kittens just had a ball.

The drive home went smoothly and everyone was waiting for me when I got home. When I walked through the door Jack started vibrating and chattering as soon as I saw him which was pretty funny. He jabbered for almost an hour and we played until his motor finally ran down. (At one point I began tickling him and he laughed harder than either of us had ever heard.)

At day's end I took him upstairs and read him some books to try and put him down. (It didn't work.) We stayed up for another half an hour and then, one bottle later, he finally pooped out.

I checked on him just now. Jack's laying face down with his butt up in the air clutching his blanket and snoring, the little stinker.

Saying I missed them is an understatement. There's a Police song, "The Bed's Too Big Without You", that I'm always reminded of when Fabulous Babe is away. (Of course when I tried to snuggle her she complained I was too warm and shooed me away.) Having them back is like having everything balance out after a long day.

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