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June 14, 2005

"Mommy! Share the Internets!"

So now that Jack's figured out how to move around the dynamic in our home has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours.

Case in point: Fabulous Babe was working on her laptop last night when she suddenly had a little helper:


Yup. Jack wandered over and began feverishly trying to type on the laptop. This of course caused Fabulous Babe no shortage of consternation and me no shortage of amusement.


Attempting to handle it as gracefully as possible Fabulous Babe kept trying to move Jack's hand but no luck. He was determined to surf the web and would keep trying to move around her. All the time I'm running a steady stream of dialogue for Jack: "Mommy, why won't you share the Internets? All you do is look at the computer! Look at me!"


Here's a great action shot of Fabulous Babe doing an intercept of Jack's hand. By this time Jack assumed this was a game and was laughing as hard as the both of us. Finally realizing that the game was up Fabulous Babe relented and just shut the computer down.

I slipped Jack a $5 later when she wasn't looking.

P.S. The towel on the couch back is our token effort to save the furniture from the cats. When company comes we snatch the towels up and throw them in the washer. Sometimes we even let the cats out first.

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