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May 22, 2005

"It's it a little warm to be wearing a sweater?"

Jack slept late Sunday morning so Fabulous Babe said it was time to go to church for the first time in a while. (Usually Jack?s morning nap is during the service.) Jack was a wiggle worm of the first order and even tried to help the choir during one of the dirges. We only lost one program to his fang rimmed maw which is better than I expected.


Here?s the heartbreaker in his big boy clothes. He?s attempting to figure out the intricate nature of a plastic spoon while looking his best. This was after church and of course his hair is now a spit infested wreck. *sigh*


Of course I tried to get Jack to pose with his mother and he fought the entire process. Here you can see him arguing the point with his mom. Jack?s oratory skills aren?t quite up to William Jennings Bryant standards but he?s giving it the old college try.


Mom of course gets even by trying to bite Jack?s ear.


Here?s a keeper. There are times I can say I?ve never seen Fabulous Babe happier than when she?s holding Jack. Here?s one of those moments.

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