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April 15, 2005

"Nice hat."

This week it was time for the 9 month check up with Doctor Molotov. It?s hard to believe Jack?s only been around for 9 months. (I know that reading this website it seems to have been much longer but we?re working on hiring an editor.) At this point changes seem to be happening as fast as you blink.

Figuring it was a special occasion I made sure to find an outfit for Jack that conveys who he is and where he?s going..


Here?s Jack hanging out in the waiting room. Mom added the hat which sort of sets off the whole ensemble but who am I to argue. (Despite liking floral shirts even I know not to add plaid to the mix.) Looking at him sitting there all I can think is that he needs a fishing rod.


That?s the apprehensive Jack look. Fortunately no shots were required this time and that means a much happier trip. He?s still fighting a wheezing cough which won?t go away but otherwise Jack?s fine. Jack?s currently in the 75th to 80th percentiles on everything. He?s almost 30 inches long and he weighs 22 pounds right now. (Everyone agrees he?s lost weight this week while under the weather.) Head measurement is somewhere between enormous and gigantic. (Almost 20 I think.) Here?s hoping there?s some common sense beneath all that hair.


We got him home and when I set him down he just sort of gave me the ?Now what?? look. This might be my favorite picture in a while where he?s just sitting quietly and calmly.


Of course it didn?t last long. One chorus of ?Pattycake? and we were off to the races. That?s our son: from picturesque cherub to arm flailing goofball in two heartbeats.

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