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April 21, 2005

"Laying on your face and crying is NOT crawling."

All efforts to get Jack to crawl continue to fail. He's fine climbing a bit but the overall scoot across the floor at Mach 5, a la Kate, doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

I border between being concerned and chastising myself as a complete nitwit. Kate's a month older, significantly lighter and everything I've read tells me it's normal. Jack likes to stand and can pick himself up if you hold out some fingers so that isn't a fear either. I think I'm just a worry wart.

We had the Racetrack's over for cherry pie the other night. (Mr. Racetrack and I are both recovering pie addicts.) I invited them before asking Fabulous Babe which got me The Look since she was a little under the weather and the house hadn't been picked up.

If you don't know what The Look is here's the definition care of Garage Logic:

"The expression one gets from one's spouse when one does something incredibly moronic. Women are born with a natural ability to give "the look," but men can acquire ability over time."

I can assure you that Fabulous Babe was born with the ability to deliver The Look faster than than the speed of light. Sometimes The Look is delivered before I even get a chance to be a moron as a sort of warning. (Like when she caught me looking at a new Mazdaspeed Miata at the dealership a few weeks ago.)

Jack shouldn't have too much to worry about in regards to The Look for a while. I will hazard a guess that the boy's teenage years will see some shifting of her gaze from me to Jack. We'll see.

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