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April 24, 2005

"I think he might need a shave too."

Convincing Fabulous Babe that Jack needed a haircut was much easier than last time. It only took a week of me pointing out that he looked like a mop before she finally agreed that it was time for a trim. (I told her it was that or we make him wear his fishing hat morning, noon and night.)


This is the start of the exercise. We used the same gameplan as last time with Fabulous Babe holding the boy down as I attempt to distract him into looking in the right direction to make the cutting easier. This is him shooting my barber the ?And you are?? look.


Here come the clippers! Fortunately Jack saw something outside of the window that drew his attention. He really didn?t squirm a lot and the clippers don?t really bother him.


This is the closest we got to him squirming at all. I think the clippers actually ticked him more than anything.


We needed him to look down so I got low to the floor and the camera red eye light did the magic.


Here?s the top getting ripped down to a reasonable level. During all of this he would just close his eyes and occasionally sigh like he was bored as the hair passed in front of his face.


The finished product. Jack has a terrible cowlick in the back that means we?ll either have to keep his hair short, a la me, or longer like it currently is. That?s our little Dennis the Menace.

Jack proved again we?ve lucked out and have a pretty easy going kid at this point. After the haircut we went to Las Margaritas for lunch and he was really good. (A bit excited at the end with some mild Cheerio tossing but nothing major.) With my luck he?ll grow out of it soon but while it lasts it makes things like Saturday go very well.

A quick word too for those of you who haven't taken your child for a haircut yet. My barber cut my hair on Thursday and as soon as she saw me she said "Oh! I have something for you!" It turns out she had a certificate for Jack's first haircut. Before you go make sure your local establishment has something similar. It's perfect for laying in your memory book along with that sprig of hair you'll end up saving.

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