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April 06, 2005

"Is it ok if I just mark the whole thing up in red ink?"

Fabulous Babe asked me to read her essays for her application into the Executive Mastery of Business Aggravation program tonight. Other good news on that front is that a co-worker of hers, a graduate of the program she wants to enter, has written a nice letter of recommendation and made some other efforts. Other co-workers are finishing their letters and we should hear something in a few weeks. Iíve offered to bake cookies and distribute them as bribes in an effort to help but Fabulous Babe has declined my modest efforts.

Jack was pretty funny tonight. He sat with me and watched ďSullivanís TravelsĒ tonight and we had a good time. (I think I got more out of Veronica Lake than he did.) At one point I got him laughing hysterically and hearing him giggle and snort was like hearing a breathtaking aria. Itís amazing how little things your children do can make all the pains and hurt seem to flow away like nothing.

Jack is clinging more now than he used to, sometimes its affection, sometimes its need. It's a change in behavior and another part of his growing up. The motor coordination is coming along and the fact that he can now hug you is just one of the benefits.

I've also noticed that when I carry him upstairs to go to bed he looks around very seriously as he examines the overhead chandelier, the painting my mother did for our wedding present and the steps. Each time, despite the previous trips, he looks around for something new, the possibilities, not the previous experiences. Maybe heís on to something.

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