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March 07, 2005

"Jack! Duck!"

I got a couple of emails after the photos from Saturday asking so...

Yes, Jack has / had a black eye.

He got clonked in the head by accident last week. Nothing too serious as he was laughing immediately afterwards. It went black and blue pretty quickly and evened out to a vivid green by Sunday. We're hoping that our planned photo session tomorrow will turn out nicely despite it.

Fabulous Babe and I both laughed it off when it happened. The phrase "Boys will be boys" rings pretty true. (It's not like we're raising him in a bubble for gosh sakes.) The underlying theory is that he has to learn. We'll keep him from grevious harm but every once in a while something is going to slip beneath the radar. It happens. It's better not to make a huge fuss out of the little stuff on all sides.

Posted by Jim at March 7, 2005 10:06 PM


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