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February 23, 2005

"We're getting better all the time..."

Jack's wheeze is down to a minimum and he's sleeping though the night again. His general disposition has improved greatly and that?s made things easier.

One of the things that we?ve had to do is give Jack a nebulizer treatment 3-4 times a day of Albuterol. This helps his wheezing but sometimes the effect is like letting him chug a cup of Mountain Dew. He?ll get wound up and laying him down to sleep isn?t going to happen anytime soon.

Giving Jack the treatments is an adventure unto itself. Sometimes he sits still and just watches the mist. Other times he tries to eat the mouthpiece. The worst is when things dissolve into a game of ?Mongoose and Cobra? where he tries to lunge at the pipe while I try to keep it away and yet still hold it where it will do some good.

Here?s a nice short of Jack on Fabulous Babe?s lap:


The boy?s hair is getting completely out of control. Wife-O Deluxe-O claims that in getting his first haircut he?ll no longer be her ?Baby Boy? and she?s holding out until he?s at least one. Mrs. Dawn, our daycare provider, said that she?s going to braid his rat tail in back and put a topknot on his head for my wife to realize it?s time for a trim. I offered to clipper cut him but no go. I sense resolution soon however. Fabulous Babe wants to take some more pictures soon.

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