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February 01, 2005

"Wake up sleepy head!"

In waking Jack up in the morning I always try to ease him into the day. Usually I?ll start singing to him before I open the door and give him a minute or two before I turn on the overhead light.

(Later on we?ll be hiring single, scantily clad, attractive young women who will dance about his bed while playing soft music. Mark your calendars, the auditions are in about 9 years.)


This is what I usually see. He?s just started stirring and is raising his feet and legs up and down. Soggy Froggy lays discarded from the night and his teething ring is completely thawed. (We?re up to three of them budding right now.)

Once the Lord and Master is awake I sit him up while I lay out the clothes and assess the diaper situation. Usually Jack offers coaching and encouragement as I stumble around and generally fumble through the whole mess.


Here you can see Jack?s mullet in all its glory. Yes it really does reach below his collar line. I?m so ashamed. At this rate he?ll be driving a rusty Trans-Am and yelling ?FREEBIRD? at concerts in no time. Despite numerous pleadings Fabulous Babe still refuses the trip to the barber.


What? I interrupted your nap? Tough.

This is Jack after I?ve gotten him dressed. With the winter weather it?s always a dual layer: a onesie and a layer of clothes. You can see Jack is looking quite stylish but I have some words for those guys at Roots. Just wait.

Posted by Jim at February 1, 2005 06:47 AM


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