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February 01, 2005

Home again.


Back from a trip. The actual trip wasn't too bad but time away from Fabulous Babe and Jack hurts in a way that is hard to describe. About the only thing that kept me from going insane was the iPod. That and playing a lottery ticket on a whim and winning $220. (W00T!)

While I was away Fabulous Babe hosted two parties. If I wasn't so thick I might be troubled by the fact that her social life dramatically increases when I'm absent. Ah well.

The first was her "We call it a "Book Club" but it's really just a great excuse to drink a lot of Wine!" club. The event Thursday night doubled as a surprise baby shower for one of the ladies whose due soon.


Here we see the Mother to Be opening another one of her gifts. (Am I the only one that thinks she looks a little like Carly Simon?) Fabulous Babe is lurking in the background making a list of who gave what. (It's either that or Fabulous Babe's on her third glass and she thinks she can make a Spirograph drawing without using any of the little plastic cogs.) Judging by the pictures the Mother to Be did pretty well.

On Saturday night Fabulous Babe had some of the neighborhood moms over to hang out. (Sans husbands.) I get the impression it was a "feet up" party with all the moms taking a break. (Considering that between 4 women they have 9 kids I don't blame them.) If they don't deserve a time out I'm not sure who does.

When I got home Sunday night and walked through the door I started talking to Jack. As I got closer to him he recognized me and went nuts shaking his arms, trying to jump and jabbering excitedly. No offense on my wife but I didn't hear a word she said as I picked Jack up and he tried to hug me while he was bouncing with happiness.

It's simply the best feeling in the entire universe.

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