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February 23, 2005

Snow Day!

Eskimos have 60 different words for snow. I have a few choice ones but none are repeatable here.

Over the weekend we got smacked with about 6-8 inches of snow. By Sunday yours truly had to get out the snowblower and cut a path to the street. Since Jack was feeling better we decided he needed some fresh air.


Here's Sir Reginald Poopypants in the stroller watching the action. He's wearing the hat that Fabulous Babe bought him a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that she bought it thinking his head was still the size it was when he was born. As a result trying to squeeze it on his noggin in next to impossible. The result? He looks like Beldar.

I got most of the drive done pretty quickly. Jack had a good time watching the spectacle. Fabulous Babe came along behind me with a shovel to clear up what the blower missed.

Sunday morning I made what I thought was a reasonable offer to Fabulous Babe that was soundly rejected. Fabulous Babe cited overwhelming amounts of work that needed to be done around the house and, by the way, any other future offers of a similar nature would not be scheduled for consideration by the committee for the foreseeable future. So there!

Thinking of the resounding decision the committee made Sunday morning I lined up the snowblower, hit a very small patch of snow, and let Fabulous Babe experience the snow throwing capacity of our Snowchucker 6000. In about 2 seconds my snookums honey boo boo?s backside was coated with snow, I was paralyzed with mirth and Fabulous Babe was indignant. That then led to this:


That?s Fabulous Babe at the controls sizing me up for retribution. Strangely enough the committee has yet to thaw on the key issue from Sunday morning and the embargo remains ?On? for the foreseeable future. Big surprise.

For what it is worth Jack laughed when he saw his mom disappear in a cloud of snow.

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