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February 14, 2005

One sick buckeroo

Jack's cough is worse. The medicine from the last trip to the doctor didn't really seem to nip this like we were hoping. He's not sleeping well at night and is very out of sorts.

Early on this morning we decided that he needed to go back to visit the doctor. Fabulous Babe made the appointment and, after comparing schedules, I drew the straw to pick him up and take him.

The whole experience can best be summed up by one moment that struck me this afternoon. I was seated in a chair in the waiting room with my arm around Jack who was seated in my lap. Jack was wheezing and rubbing his eyes with exhaustion as the visit was going long. I leaned over and placed my head on his and started talking to him in those wordless whispers where you hope that just the tone carries the tone of love that you are trying to convey. Woozy and out of sorts Jack reached up with one hand and placed his hand on my hair at the same time he leaned towards me. We sat there like that with my arm around him, his hand reaching up to hold on to me, for almost 10 minutes. Jack's only sound was his wheezing and rasping and yet he was better just knowing I was there with him.

He's now loaded with medicine and tossing fitfully in his crib right now. Tomorrow starts a new routine of medicine that will hopefully lick this terrible virus/flu/cold he has. It's no fun knowing how miserable he is and not being able to "fix" it.

Posted by Jim at February 14, 2005 10:49 PM


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