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February 15, 2005

It's a wheeze worse than Vader.

Jackís still under the weather. The last few nights have been long and grim. Tonight he screamed bloody murder and just could not get comfortable. His bottle didnít interest him very much and he half heartedly drank some of it. We tried the bouncy chair, we tried lying down next to mom, we tried the crib and nothing worked. It finally just took closing the door and letting him tucker himself out. Iím literally typing this through a headache of migraine like proportions that has be seeing spots and swaying.

Heís got two medicines in the morning and a mist treatment every 4 to 6 hours where the vapors blow out of the pipe for 10 minutes and heís supposed to breathe it. Sounds easy but for as often as he grabs the pipe and inhales Jackís just as likely to try and squirm away from it. Things were much easier to administer before improved motor control came along.

Fabulous Babe stayed home with Jack today. I came home at lunch to relieve her and let her get her haircut. When I got there Jack was a dripping wet wreck. Between the sinus drainage, his cough and the occasional sopping wet sneeze he looked miserable. Figuring I could kill a few birds with one stone I opted to give Jack a bath.

Baths always seem to put Fabulous Babe in a better mood. Figuring that at the very least I would be removing some of the germs I drew a bath and plopped Sir Knucklehead right in. After a few moments of fussing Jack began to enjoy his new environment and was soon ďtalkingĒ to the assortment of plastic animals floating around him.

Clean, dry and dressed Jack was like a new little boy. We went downstairs and were playing on the floor when Mom got back from ďSpa Pay Out The NoseĒ. After the debrief I headed back to work.

Other news in general:

Jackís great grandmother, Louise, turned 94 last week. Iím sending Louise an envelope with some pictures when Iím confident it wonít be swimming in germs.

My friend Squirrel Bottom that posts here occasionally is now officially a part of the club. His wife gave birth last week to a bouncing baby boy. Now he gets to play the home game version of this website. Heís not posted any pictures yet and so deserves a virtual raspberry. *insert raspberry noise here*

Speaking of playing the home game Wonder Woman and her husband are due to deliver any day now. Their impending arrival dropped over the last week and is gearing up for eviction. We thought that over the weekend they might have gone into labor but no such luck. They donít know what sex of the baby is which is driving Fabulous Babe nuts. (Sheís having to buy neutral colors.)

Someone named Jo posted a nice comment about how my writing here has accelerated her(?) biological clock. Iím not sure if that means that sheís looking for a date or if her significant other should beware. Either way I appreciate the kind sentiments.

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