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January 20, 2005

Post Holiday Mail Call

I've had some interesting mail in the last month or so. (Even excluding the offers from Nigeria.) Here's where yours truly tries to answer those occasional letters from you, my dear readers.

"Why don't I see my comments right away?"

A little while ago I threw the switch that no longer let comments be posted immediately without my approval. This means that I now can review them and release them for publication. This pretty much put an end to your seeing ads for various medicines or enhancing products. All comments or observations are still going up on the website, there's just a slight delay.

"You don't post every day!"

I realize that you read this with the expectation of high adventure and daring exploits. Alas dear readers we're far more boring than that. (Well I am. Fabulous Babe is far more exciting than I.) Sometimes I get home and there just isn't anything to write about or I'm not in the mood or have one of my infernal headaches. Realize that guilt soon has me back at the keyboard. ;-)

"Why are your pictures so big?"

I resize them before posting but leave them at the higher resolution so that family can save them and keep them. Despite using dialup I haven't had any complaints about load time. If you are having difficulty let me know.

"I want to start my own blog! What do you recommend I use?"

I really like the Moveable Type interface. I recommend it and suggest you see if it works for you. It's flexible and easily customized. I'm an HTML amateur and am still ok with the look of the site so far.

"What do you think about _____________." (Usually a political issue.)

This weblog is about the misadventures of our raising our son. I'm trying to make sure that this website has a universal appeal that transcends the folly of so much of modern political squalor. 'Nuff said.

"Do you advertise?"

No. Haven't really thought about it. Not sure it would generate any revenue.

"Do you link to other websites?"

I haven't but am currently re-thinking that matter. I'm beginnning to think that having reciprocal permanant links to those who have been kind enough to link to me would be a bad thing. That being said...

If you want me to post a link to your site please email me. I would ask that you include the link to the page you want people to land on.

"How's your new coat?"

Warm. I was mocked the first few times I wore it but when the average daily temperature got to -30 with the wind the mocking ceased. Ha!

"Are you still playing City of Heroes?"

Yes. Victory Server. My main character is the Last Templar. Add me to your friends list and keep an eye open. (Friday and Saturday nights for the most part.) Email me if you want more details. I roped Moose into the game so we'll soon be forming our own superteam.

"Can you tell me what my old train is worth?"

Sure. Again send me the specifics via email and I'll see what I can do. I mostly offer to give a good home to old trains much to the lament of Fabulous Babe. With Jack's arrival my purchases have dropped off greatly but I'm always one to look at something.

More as I get them.

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