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January 19, 2005

Cost / Benefit

There are costs to being a parent. You find yourself constrained in ways you never expected or imagined. Quick trips to the store are an entirely different affair than what they used to be that require planning around schedules, feedings, etc.

I find that frustration at not being able to carry on 2 way communication is easily one of the worst things that go with the territory. When Jack is crying and tears are pouring down his face it’s maddening to witness the emotional turmoil but not be able to find out the specific cause. You’re down to reading body language and blind luck.

Jack’s battling either a head cold or another ear infection. We’re not sure which lottery we’ve won but either way it makes for a very unhappy Junior Woodchuck. He’ll cry and the only thing that dams the flow of the saltwater is to nuzzle him and speak in quiet and low tones that assure him that you’ll do everything you can to keep harm away.

The rewards are tremendous and far outweigh the unpleasant times. We’ve had three momentous occasions this week. Be warned that we are moving into the seas of proud parenting.

On Monday Jack rolled over most of the time he was at Daycare. Granted he was unable to roll BACK over but it’s farther than he has come so far. There was much rejoicing and the Captain ordered a 2nd ration for all of the men at the oars in celebration and a suspension of the lash for 10 minutes.

Last week Jack unveiled his newfound grasp at moving his face around. To this effect he now makes an “unhappy” face that is more grimace and squint than anything else. All efforts to capture this image have failed so far but I remain hopeful.

Finally the least important is that also on Monday night I discovered that Lord Goofball has finally developed a couple of ticklish spots below his armpits. On Monday night I was making faces with him and carrying on when I tried tickling him. Where previously my efforts have been for naught, this time was different. This time I was treated to great a great gale of laughter as Jack tried desperately to wiggle out of my grasp.

After a long first day at work for the week having a 6 month old looking up at you with wide eyed mirth is a really plus.

Children come first in life before all other things. It’s when they laugh with you that you realize how correct that equation is.

Posted by Jim at January 19, 2005 11:26 PM


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