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January 10, 2005

Ol' Stumpy!

How can a Monday be bad when this is what I have greet me after stumbling out of bed:


I had to sit Jack up to get the picture but he was just as happy that way as he was while prone. Thus my lunch is spent typing this up.

My morning routine is usually this: I get out of bed, check on Jack, take my shower, start to wake Jack, get dressed and then dress Jack. In the couple of minutes it takes for me to get dressed Jack usually rubs his eyes and start to babble a bit.

This morning he started ?talking? and laughing as soon as I opened the door. The entire time I was dressing he was carrying on while I listened over the monitor.


That?s a picture of Jack from when I was dressing him this morning. (He gave me a running commentary the entire time.) I realize that the site of my son bare-chested causes some swooning among you but just glance at the laundry basket next to his head for a quick recovery.

Since Jack?s now wearing the 12-18 month outfits and weighs somewhere between 20 and 21 pounds I?ve taken to calling him ?Ol? Stumpy, the largest catfish in the pond!? in a horrible backwoods country voice. He usually laughs when I do it and giggles as I raise him over my head like a big mouthed bass. Before you ask I'll just tell you: I?ve no idea where it comes from but Fabulous Babe is hoping modern medicine will cure me eventually.


Dino boy shot me a yawn after I got him dressed and posed again. All in all his good mood continued without a break in smiling.


Here?s the parting shot of the morning. He looks a little perplexed because before I handed him over to Dawn, head baby wrangler at the ranch, I smothered him in kisses and told him I loved him. This embarrassed him so much that he started to cry for the shame of having a father who would dare to show emotion. Realizing my mistake I handed him off and he quit immediately.

Go figure.

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