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January 16, 2005

Jack's bound for Bollywood!

When Jack's godfather, El Jefe, came for the baptism he brought Jack a wonderful set of Kurta pajamas from India. Unfortunately it was a bit big at the time and we had to wait for Jack to grow a bit before we could have it cycle into the rotation. (It's also just a tad thin for Minnesota winters.) Although it will probably fit better over the spring months here goes:


Dashing and handsome isn't he? I'm tempted to get in touch with Aishwarya Rai and see if she'll be willing to babysit him one night. (Who you ask? *sigh* Go here.) I'm thinking that Jack's level of hotness, as inherited from Fabulous Babe, will simply increase with the help of El Jefe.


Apple Snout then decided to destroy the moment by devouring his hand. He's doing that a lot lately. Despite all the signs we have no teeth yet. With our luck he'll just grow fangs.


Mrs. Racetrack came over to watch the Vikings lose today. In tow was Miss Kate. (Mr. Racetrack is whooping it up in FL this week.) We got some great shots of the kids and I thought this one was outstanding. Kate has the befuddled "Why am I here?" look for her mother while Jack has the sly "I'm up to something!" for Fabulous Babe.

This is a vast improvement over the last time Kate was over where she tried to eat Jack. *whew*

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