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December 20, 2004

From bottle to spoon

After a few experiments previously we sat Jack in the highchair on Saturday night to gave solid food try. The cereal, as before, was a bust. (Jack deciding it was better worn than ingested.) Mixing it with the bananas however got us the look best summed up as: “What is this stuff?”

The first few minutes were a disaster as the food was pouring out as fast as it was going in. (Fabulous Babe did most of the work while I videotaped the moment.) Finally when we abandoned the cereal and went to straight bananas we had our first success. Jack began moving his mouth in a weird fashion and then, heaven forbid, swallowed. We cheered and Jack, excited by our reaction, threw his arms and began grinning.

He ate about 5 more spoonfuls in total and then decided that he had enough of the game. (His bib was completely covered in food.) To the two of us it was a huge success, another one of those milestone moments that come with the territory.

Posted by Jim at December 20, 2004 11:23 PM


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