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November 07, 2004

Getting ready for the Baptism...

Next Sunday Jack's getting baptized.

What does this mean?

It means I spent all of this weekend and the next 5 days cleaning for the arrival of a lot of fam damily.

Dusting, laundry, shopping, etc. When Friday arrives our home will be in a state of clean that will make it a shame to live in.

Whose coming?

My Dad and Mom, my Mother, Farmer Mom and Dad, Fabulous Babe's sister Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker, Tall Princess, Number Two Billy Goat, and El Jefe. Dinner on Saturday night will include the local Pastor and his wife.


I told my mother-in-law today that if things don't go well we'll still be ok: the bar is fully stocked.

We're sprinkling the boy at the local Lutheran church that FB and I found a year or so ago. I'm a Methodist and don't fear the religious implications so much as I do the immediate aftermath: Fabulous Babe leaving for a business trip.

That's right. She's leaving me and the boy for a work trip to Chicago. (She has to be at the airport by 1:00) It's just going to be me and Stinkerbell until Wednesday night.

Expect lots of stories this week. (Mostly on a cleaning theme.) Today alone I had an encounter with a Shop-Vac that was more than a little disturbing.

Posted by Jim at November 7, 2004 11:01 PM