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October 26, 2004

Home, Not alone...

Yesterday I got a phone message from Fabulous Babe: Jack's not feeling well at daycare.

FB was in a huge meeting yesterday and couldn't get away. I called the Spa to see how he was doing. (Snuffly and not happy unless he was being held.) I called the doctors, got an appointment and hit the road.

First I got Jack, who was a snotty wreck. Then we headed over to the doctor. (The whole time I prayed there wouldn't be diaper emergency as I forgot the bag.) Doctor Molotov poked, prodded and looked around and thinks it's an ear infection. We leave and head to the pharmacy where it's a 20 minute wait for the antibiotics. Finally we get home.

And the crying began.

Not just crying. Screaming. A throat ravaging scream that made Jack raspy. Snot and tears flowed with equal abandon and holding him did little to make the difference.

It lasted until 6:30.

I spent the entire time walking and holding him. (Eating some pizza on the fly.) By nightfall I had a raging migraine and my left ear was ringing.

FB's meeting continued today so I'm home with the little punkin. He's passed out in a bouncy chair right now and has been snoozing for a couple of hours. Odds are he needs it.

Posted by Jim at October 26, 2004 10:56 AM