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September 07, 2004

Ok. One more story about our Wedding...

I know I said I was done last Thursday but just one more.

After the wedding we trudged around outside for almost a half an hour in the 105 degree heat and 100% humidity taking black and white pictures. (So the photos would have "atmosphere" of all things.)

Before we started I told our photographer that I had an idea for a picture that I thought would be nice. I sketched it out and he agreed. The plan was that when I saw a good spot I would tip him off and he would take the picture.

As we were walking across the Illinois campus I noticed a streetlamp behind me and stopped Fabulous Babe. I yelled to the photographer that was this was the spot. He gave me the high sign and FB had just enough time to ask me "What are you doing?" when I dipped her and smooched her.


It's one my favorite pictures from the wedding. The folks at Illini Studio were kind enough to give me permission to share it with you so here it is. Who says I'm all bad ideas?

That's it. I'm done until next year. I promise.

Posted by Jim at September 7, 2004 09:29 PM