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September 07, 2004

Camera Woes resolved!

Fabulous Babe called today and said that Best Buy had given us a ring. Seems that Kodak doesn't keep a plentiful supply of 3 year old camera parts laying around. (Shocked! I'm shocked!)

After I got home today we went to the store. After what seemed like 10 minutes of typing the Geek Squad guy behind the counter handed us our marching orders. We were supposed to go to cameras, hand the paperwork to someone there, find a replacement camera and bring it back to be rung out.

"What if we want to upgrade the camera? Can we spend a little more?"


"How much is the credit? The purchase price of the original camera?"


*stunned blinking*

That's right. Best Buy let us use our trusty Kodak 3.2 Megapixel camera until it gave up the ghost and then, due to my having bought the service plan, gave us full return credit. No depreciation. They didn't even try to make us stick with a camera that had roughly similar features.

We walked over to the camera section where, despite looking slightly different in person, we encountered the stoned out former Dell salesman.

"Hi. We had a camera under PSP that they junked. We're supposed to get full return credit and need to get a new camera and we wanted to upgrade a bit."

"Yeah! Sure thing!"

"What would you recommend?"

"This! Yeah! It's got a higher MP than the Sony that is $200 more. Yeah!"

I'll save you the time and just spare you the next 150 exclamations of "Yeah!" that we went through. He was genuinely helpful and by the time we were done we had one sorted out: a Nikon Coolpix 8700.

I'm still trying to sort out the math. By my best guess between the current $200 rebate and the purchase price of our original camera from May of 2001 we might actually have made money. Hmm, better hand this to the accountant.

Anyway here's my first shot of Jack with the new camera:


Proof that we finally got a camera so good that now I really have to work at screwing up the pictures. Don't worry though. I already have two blurry shots of Aida.

Oh, if you're wondering, I did go ahead and buy the service plan for the new camera.

Posted by Jim at September 7, 2004 09:54 PM