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September 15, 2004

Back to work...

Yesterday Fabulous Babe was preparing to return to work. She is working half days today, tomorrow and Friday. After that she's back full time next week.

I can tell FB is torn between the two worlds. Tuesday was her last full day with Jack and you can tell she's trying not to be upset. At the same time she's anxious to get back to grips with her job. Welcome to the high driving world of a career woman having a baby.

While I realize the upset feelings of not having mom around will be brief I still hate to upset Jack's apple cart. We were playing with him this morning in the wee hours and he was as happy as could be, all smiles and coos. He'll have a good time at daycare but FB is facing some serious withdrawal.

As I left yesterday FB was settled in the "nest" of her favorite chair. I asked her if I needed to proceed with the 12 step program to see her through her cutting back on the Today Show, Oprah and Doctor Phil. This got me the usual sign language and unprintable reply.

She did have a great line yesterday. She pointed out that cows are only milked twice a day where as she's been having to hook up to the Uddermaster 9000 6-7 times a day due to over production.

My honey. She excels in everything she does.

Posted by Jim at September 15, 2004 06:29 AM


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